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Luciano came into Mercy’s care as an 8-week-old kitten. He was found at the end of a long and chilly commute, stuck in the bumper of a truck. He is now a year and a half old. He quickly made himself right comfortable in his foster home and gets along very well with other cats and dogs. He is playful, funny, outgoing, affectionate and loves attention. He loves playing with toys, and he really loves it when his human will play with him. He eats anything and everything he finds, although he has recently discovered that he does not like hot sauce or black coffee. His favorite spot is under your hand, requesting to be petted, or in your lap. He was named for the Opera singer, Luciano Pavorotti, because this kitty has an unusual talent: he sings. He sings along with the radio or CD player. He has been known to lie in front of the CD player on his back, enjoying the music and conducting with his paws. And he will wander about the house, singing just because he feels like it! Luciano is a sweet, loving, funny, happy cat who would do well in most indoor only households. He uses the litter box nicely and will use a scratching post. Adoption Fee $65. Feline leukemia test can be done prior to adoption if adopter pays the cost of the test ($30) which is non-refundable.


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